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Who We Are

shopkyko.com is a trading company of Global Business Design Ltd and is based in the United Kingdom.  shopkyko.com distributes the Simply Stunning by J range of hair, hair care products, bridal and hair accessories.

shopkyko.com grew from a desire to provide excellent quality products to discerning customers who want to stand out from the crowd, improve or change their looks or who require a tailor-made service. Whether you are preparing for your wedding, planning for a great night out or simply looking to change your looks we have products to suit not only your taste but also your budget.  


For the bride-to-be we stock everything from tiaras to bride and bridesmaid hair pins and hair combs. Our bespoke bridal hair accessories pack is ideal for your entire bridal party.

Not only do we stock great products but we also give handy tips on how to get the best from and care for your purchase. Please refer to our Tips and Care section for more.

What We Sell

shopkyko.com is the online retailer of the Simply Stunning by J range of products which includes:

Wigs and Wig Closures

non-heat resistant synthetic wig, heat resistant synthetic wig and closures, Grade 7 and 8A human hair wig and closures, 


luxury quality superior Grade 7 and 8A Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Russian and Hunanese human hair wefts and closures, premium quality heat resistant synthetic hair wefts, bulk hair bundles and closures, clip in and tape in hair extensions, I tip and U tip (micro ring) bundles, ponytails, fringes, kanekalon, afro and crochet braiding hair,

Wedding Hair Accessories

bride, bridesmaid and flower girl hair pins, hair combs, bridal hair bands, tiaras,

Hair Grooming Products and Accessories

detangling, tress-friendly and wig combs, straightening and detangling brushes, elastic bands, wig caps and hairnets, chemotherapy and alopecia hats, sleeping hats,

Wig Care and Travel Accessories

wig stands, female and male mannequin heads, wig travel bag,

Professional Products

wig caps for wig construction, hair extension tools, silicone lined micro beads, 

A full list of the Simply Stunning by J product range is available on the PRODUCT pages.

Who We Sell To

shopkyko.com sells both retail and wholesale, to United Kingdom and Overseas buyers. All transactions are processed through PayPal to ensure a safe and seamless internet shopping experience. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Why Shop With Us

shopkyko.com work with the best suppliers to bring you the best. The Simply Stunning by J range is versatile, excellent quality and remarkable value for money.  We know our products are best for us and hope that they will also be the best for you.  The choice is yours and whether it’s our bridal hair accessories, elastic bands or wigs, we trust that you will be happy with your purchase.

shopkyko.com is not only your one stop shop for bridal hair accessories but also your point of call if you need more information or advice on any of our products.  We want you to be happy with your purchase so if you are not sure about the shopkyko.com item you are considering or the exact amount you may need and want to get a bit more information before finalising your order, check out our Tips and Care section or simply drop us a line via our contact form and let us help you.

Are There Discounts on Multiple Purchases?

For wholesalers, hair and wedding professionals, organisations and businesses a trade price is available on fixed minimum quantities. Please contact us for more information on our trade offers.

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Are There Any Other Offers?

Yes, from time to time shopkyko.com offers huge savings during our sale, clearance and promotional events. Subscribe to shopkyko.com today or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so that you can receive updates on all our sale and promotional events.

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Do you have a returns, cancellation or refund policy?

Yes, we do.  Please refer to the About/Policies section for more details.

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Can I Leave Feedback?

Yes, you can.

shopkyko.com values customer feedback.

If our service falls short of the very high standards we operate by and you want to let us know, simply visit our website and complete our online contact form . We ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible in order to assist us in dealing with your query in a satisfactory manner.

If you want to leave us a compliment, you can do this too.

Our testimonials section and social media pages not only allows you to share your shopkyko.com experience with others but also your weaves and even candid shots of your big day.

****Remember sharing a photograph of you wearing your shopkyko.com purchase could win you one of the Simply Stunning by J gorgeous goodie bag packed full of simply stunning surprises.

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How Will I Know When a New Line of Product Has Been Added or When There is a Sale or Promotion?

In addition to regular updates to the shopkyko.com website you can subscribe to our bi-annual newsletter or follow us on the shopkyko.com Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages where we post details of new lines, sales and promotional events.

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Tips and Care Instruction

We want you to get the best out of your Simply Stunning by J product and your shopkyko.com purchase and to do this you need to understand the product that you have purchased. This section gives you handy tips and useful information that will help your Simply Stunning by J product and your shopkyko.com purchase remain Simply Stunning .

Washing Your Wig

It is important to maintain the fresh clean look of your hairpiece.  We recommend you wash your wig after every 8 wear.  

Whether your wig has been constructed from human or synthetic hair it is vital that special care is taken when washing.

Synthetic Hair

  1. Gently comb through to detangle any knots with your Simply Stunning by J wig comb.
  2. Fill a sink or small basin with cold water and add a small amount of Simply Stunning by J synthetic wig shampoo, immerse wig in the cold soapy water and gently rinse taking care not to wring, brush or rub. Carefully run the fingers around the inside of the wig cap to remove oil and dirt build-up. Rubbing or rough handling of the wig can result in damage.
  3. Carefully remove the wig from the soapy water and rinse through either under cold running water or in a sink or basin with freshly poured cold water. The wig is now ready to be conditioned with the Simply Stunning by J synthetic wig conditioner.
  4. While your wig is still wet (a clean towel can be used to remove some of the water but not all) pour a small amount of your Simply Stunning by J conditioner into your hands and work into the wet wig whilst avoiding the cap and any hand tied sections.  The cap does not need to be conditioned, shampooing is all that is needed for this section of your wig.
  5. Once the conditioner has been carefully applied rinse thoroughly, again using cold water as before.

Human Hair

  1. Repeat steps 1 through to 5 as detailed above and instead of using the Simply Stunning by J synthetic wig shampoo and conditioner, our carefully selected human hair wig shampoo and conditioners are to be used.
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Drying Your Wig

All hair types

  1. Gently blot your wig with a clean, dry, fluff-free towel.  Do not brush, comb, style, wring, squeeze or blow dry the wig while it is wet.
  2. Once blotted, place the wig on your Simply Stunning by J wig stand, available either as part of our wig care pack purchase or as a single item purchase.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight when drying your wig.  
  4. shopkyko.com wigs are constructed to ensure quick drying so that your wig is ready to wear within 6 hours of washing.
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Heat-Resistant Hair

Heat resistant does not mean fire-proof so please do not, under any circumstance, try to set fire to your hairpiece. Setting fire to, or exposing any hair, whether human or synthetic to extreme temperatures will result in irreparable damage to the hair.  Heat resistant is simply the term used to describe the hairs’ ability to withstand temperature from heated styling equipment’s. The Simply Stunning by J heat-resistant synthetic hair is a slightly cheaper alternative to human hair.  This premium quality synthetic hair mimics human hair in feel, appearance and versatility.  With its ability to withstand high temperature, our heat resistant hair can be styled, curled with heated curling equipment’s and dyed with synthetic wig dyes.  

When dyeing special care must be taken to protect not only the wig but your hands as the chemicals used in this process can irritate or damage the skin.  Due to its synthetic makeup heat resistant synthetic hair is dyed differently when compared to human hair and while it is possible to darken your heat resistant synthetic hair this type of hair cannot be lightened.

Please note once dyed, the dyeing process cannot be reversed.

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Wig Stands

shopkyko.com stocks wig stands and mannequin heads.  The Simply Stunning by J plastic wig stands are ideal for drying your wig after washing while our female mannequin and Styrofoam heads are great for styling, storing, transporting and displaying your wigs.  By using your Simply Stunning by J wig stand you will extend both the life and durability of your hairpiece.

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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are methods of lengthening your natural hair through the incorporation of additional human or synthetic hair.  

The type of hair extensions used can be determined by the particular look that is being sought, the amount of money available to achieve the desired look and the ability of the person to cope with the application.  

Extensions come in many shapes and sizes.  Some can be clipped, others sewed while others are weaved into the hair.  Application of your extensions depends largely on the type of hair that is purchased.  shopkyko.com stocks various extensions in both human and synthetic hair, from wefts, to clip-ins to bulk hair bundles.  
For braids, corn-rows or twist we recommend the Simply Stunning by J flexible-use braiding hair.  Have a bit more to spend, why not try our Kanekalon braiding hair for plaits and pick-and-drop hairstyles. For wigs, the Simply Stunning by J wefts are ideal and for nano and micro extensions we recommend the Simply Stunning by J nano tip and U-tip hair bundles or bulk hair extension bundles.  

For your wedding hairdos we suggest the shopkyko.com clip or tape-in extensions, ponytails or fringes.  These natural looking pieces are not only stunning but available to you at very competitive prices. 

Handy tip
why not add one of our tiaras or bridal hair bands or some of our bridal hair pins and hair combs.  Your dress will not be the only thing your guests will be talking about.

Money Should Not Be The Only Consideration

Whilst cost should factor in your choice of hairpiece, whether it be a wig or hair extension, hair care, bridal and hair accessories, it should never be the only thing to base that final decision on.  Your hair is an important part of who you are and by offering a diverse choice shopkyko.com has different options for different budgets and lets not forget our very own Banish the Hair Blues discount service.

Some of the images used on the shopkyko.com website is for reference and marketing purposes only and does not purport to portray an exact depiction, colour or description of the actual item being sold.  Colour, cut, overall fall and general appearance of some products will vary.  We recommend that you contact us in advance if you are unsure about any potential purchase.

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Wigs are a covering for the head and can be constructed from either human or synthetic hair. Like hair extensions, wigs can come in various shapes, styles, colours and lengths. A wig can be full or half, monofilament or capless, with parting or without parting. It can be layered, curly or straight, boy-cut or cropped, for everyday use or a big day.

Want to add volume or bounce to flat tired looking hair, a clip-in extension or nano tip and U-tip extension bundle will do the job.

You should look natural and feel simply stunning when wearing your wig and this should be the most important consideration when purchasing a hairpiece.

Wig Density – What it Means

The average adult head is comprised of medium density hair which roughly equates to a density of approximately 120%. Wig density can vary, however, we would recommend a density of between 120% and 130% depending on the type of wig being purchased or constructed. Below is a wig density chart. This illustrates what a certain density equates to in a wig type.


Wig Type



90 – 100




130 – 140





Extra Heavy (most suited for theatrical wigs)

Wig Weight

The average wig weighs approximately 90 grams. The heavier and longer the wig the higher the price as more hair will be used during its construction.

Wig Length
























How many packs of shopkyko.com hair will I need

Length (inches)

No. of Packs Needed

6, 8, 10, 12, 14


16, 18, 20, 22


24, 26, 28,30




*Add an additional pack if you desire a wig density above the 120% standard density. The higher the density the fuller the wig

Commonly Used Terms

Full Wig

Complete head covering suitable for those who have suffered partial or complete hair loss, those looking to strengthen their natural locks or those wanting a break from chemicals and colourings.   

Half Wig

Partial head covering created for volume boosting, lengthening or colour blending.

Wig Cap

Used in both in the construction of wigs and as a covering on which the wigs are fitted onto the head. Wig caps can be classic, standard (capless), monofilament, capless with lace front, monofilament with lace front, full lace or U-part.

Cap Type


Monofilament With Lace Front

Capless With Monofilament Front

Capless With Monofilament Top

Monofilament Cap

Classic Cap

Capless Cap

*The type of wig cap chosen will affect the breathability, look, feel and versatility of the wig as it is fitted onto the head. shopkyko.com uses mainly classic, capless, full lace and monofilament caps in its wig construction. For all our Customised and Banish the Hair Blues wigs you have a choice between classic, capless, full lace and monofilament caps. A variety of cap choices to suit your budget.
***the shopkyko.com Full lace wig caps are often hand-made and as a result are higher in price.

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Human vs Synthetic Hair

Whether you opt for our luxury quality superior grade human hair, our premium quality heat resistant or non heat-resistant synthetic hair you will still be getting exceptional quality hair from our Simply Stunning by J range.

Our luxury quality human hair is tangle free, double-drawn and of superior grade.  With proper care and handling luxury quality human hair can last up to twelve months therefore representing excellent value for money.  With the added ability to dye to both lighter and darker shades, cut, curl – with a heated curling equipment - and style to taste, human hair allows the wearer to have a natural looking and feeling hairpiece.

Like our luxury quality human hair, the Simply Stunning by J premium quality heat resistant synthetic hair can also be styled, cut, curled with heated curling equipment’s and dyed.  The number of colours that can be achieved through dyeing heat resistant synthetic hair is limited and while you are able to go darker you cannot go lighter.  

Our non heat resistant synthetic hair cannot be dyed or curled with a heated curling equipment but can be cut to your personal style.

*We highly recommend that all dyeing, cutting, thinning and styling be professionally done.

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Combs and Brushes

At shopkyko.com combs and brushes are not just hair tools but essential equipment’s in your journey to achieving simply stunning tangle-free hair.  

Not only do we stock carefully selected combs that remove tangles while leaving the hair intact but also tress-friendly combs for young children and those with softer hair or sensitive scalps. Our combs and brushes are not only essential grooming tools for your natural hair, wigs and hair extensions but also a great buy for those with very long or naturally curly hair.  We recommend the purchase of a wig or detangling comb and detangling brush as part of your wig and hair extension purchase.

By gentle brushing through the wigs with one of our detangling brushes you will be able to remove knots and dirt-build up that often accumulate in your hairpiece throughout the day.

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